The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(2) The Day of Departure

It is finally the departure date on Saturday 4/29. This was the first overseas travel that the brothers spent Golden Week to the full for all two of them. They was invited to the smile of attendants who wrapped the body in the good purple tie silk of the article in the morning when they marched into Thai Airways International of the flight.

"A demeanor is soft, and the Asian airline is comfortable". "
Hiroyuki said.

By the way, Hiroyuki often used an airline affiliated with Europe and America so far, and the Asian airline has not used it very much. On the other hand, he had an impression after all similar to Hiroyuki even if he did the Asian system to Kiyohiko who used it well. As for two, which was in the waiting on customers manner of the Europe and America system airline in a dream without the thing called the point whether it was a difference of the quality of the employee itself whether it was cultural influence when they drank up beer, whiskey, wine and the liquor of the short account while exchanging it, the conversation that there was not of the vague whether anything coldness and the one which it was said, or felt the curtness were because themself were Japanese.

As for what arrived at Bangkok of the way ground, the area has already darkened afterwards in the evening when they changed a flight and arrived at the Phuket International Airport. It is approximately 90 minutes by taxi from an airport to a hotel. As for what arrived at The Royal Phuket Yacht Club to be built to snuggle up to Ney Hahn beach located at the south end of Phuket, the mountain of the rear, 22:00 might be near.

The resort hotel of these four star class which opened in the 80s uses the slope facing the sea with the thing by the design of an architect inheriting a trait or talent from the Thai Royal Family, and a guest room opens into steps form, and anything has the room and a balcony of the about the same area in an ocean view.

In the point to drive the floor where a tile of the terra cotta was spread to with eyes, the bougainvillaea of the flower bed blooms in profusion to a back in the sea. Half of the space is with a roof, and a sofa made by fabric is located as if it is in a room and creates unique space such as middle space binding the room and the room outside together. In addition, it is used in a meeting place of annual global yacht racing so that the hotel name includes it and seems to be full of a player and the audiences of various countries including a European during a season.

This was because it was attracted right out by the location requirements such as "terraced fields" that Kiyohiko chose this hotel. Kiyohiko selected a seminar of the hotel management in a sightseeing subject in college student days, and, a hotel, interest was particularly strong in a resort hotel. It is remarkable, and the difference of the scene which a lot of hotels built in the level ground of the thing which is the beach front desk expect the sea from by a result particularly the cottage type varies according to a room, and still it is almost identical, and, in the then beach resort hotel, a quality of resort is reduced to half other than scenery by the high-rise type unconditionally with a city hotel. Kiyohiko who had such a personal opinion was looking for a hotel of the guest room placement that stuck to the slope in this Phuket.

On the other hand, the accommodations did not matter for Hiroyuki and were so this time, but it was strong and was concerned with a point "what did" in the past trip, but there was the place that minded only the inexpensiveness of the hotel charges about the hotel to stay at.
But it is out of character with the state that I am great, and liked this hotel simply because it was such Hiroyuki whether, on the contrary, an impact was strong,

"This resort is so good! Let's sleep here at the balcony tonight."

It was the disposal to say while lying on a sunbed put in と, the balcony. The liquor to drink with open air while looking at innumerable stars inlaid the night sky with was surely particular. The incandescence that sweat gushed just to go out of Thailand changed in the warmth that was gentle at night, and the kind wind to occasionally blow from the sea was combined and was wrapped in comfort as I could fall asleep when in the daytime.

Because "I stayed at some hotels, it is a waste to sleep outside". "
と was Kiyohiko who said, but fell when a surface of whiskey poured into a glass crawled under one of the horizon which floated in the darkness over there subtly to just sleep in an evening wind.

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