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When an unexpected occurrence and an unforgettable occurrence look back upon the time of a place of work, a home, and commuting, etc. suddenly also in everyday life, it is a certain thing very well.

Here, such an occurrence which occurred around the webmaster was summarized.Since there is also a talk without a punch line plentifully although it is a true story mostly except depiction of a person name or details, the neighborhood is a degree of an understanding kindly...

<Funny Stories>

What happend in the room of a city hotel ?
Mistranslation A with B...
Electric Socket
Such a way of thinking is ?

< Surprising Stories >

Bilateral Symmetry
Blank time of the mystery on a luxury liner
Something big that disappeared from a construction site
The thing which must be there is ...
Lehman Brothers
A night in Kyoto and ...
Memory a Half Year Ago
The police to my house at the beginning of the New Year !

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