The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(3) Nai Harn Beach

The next morning, Kiyohiko was awakened by the sound of the steamships that resonate far in dim yet.

"Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop"

What a peaceful whopping sound it is. He will not get up by such a sound if he sleep in the room.
Then Hiroyuki woke up before long, too.

"Oh, ... sea, beautiful sea. Great,it's good. Here's the best! "

Hiroyuki said heartily while setting fire to a cigarette.

The sea which opened over there of the bougainvillaea floated the vague expression that just still happened like two people.
In brief time, the two changed into a swimsuit after the breakfast which they finished, I flocked at once in hotel Nai Harn Beach in front. In the white sandy beach where they pictured a clean arc in, people spend time freely. The most were Westerners, and there seemed to be many French for the feeling of words to exchange.

In addition, when look well, among women, one of five people minds the public eye in topless that is "without a bra" particularly; but there was not it, and exposed the breast to the sea breeze. But even if it was said that these people did not mind the public eye, it did not want to be realized that this watched the chest for two Japanese brothers, and the consciousness has become strangely awkward by the movement of eyes in a reason.

Feeling of resistance to a general woman doing heart despite a tourist openly in public must have been strong even if I made a local Thai. Actually, the notice boards which a big letter was written here and there were displayed in this beach several years later.

"Topless prohibition"
It seemed to be the objection from the hometown.

On the other hand, palm trees grew thick on the mountain range which rose in the rear when I looked back toward the sea to a back, and directed quality of being an Asian beach. I went ahead through the beach more and rented a beach umbrella in one of the stands such as the personal store which the depths were dotted with. Old man with a parasol and the scoop came over later and dug a hole to put up an axle. He was very black for a Thai, and the skin was like the coffee beans which had just finished totally parching it. When a parasol was installed, and comfortable space was completed, two people spent taking it easy and several hours but to cry to do what while drinking beer.

When it was past 11:00, for a procedure of the check-out, I came back to the hotel once. Because the arrangement in Japan was only an arrival night, you must look for the hotel tonight from now on. I wanted to stay consecutively at this hotel which I liked emotionally, but I derailed from the purpose of this trip and I thought about a point and was to save a budget here.

About other valuable hotels, I checked it beforehand in Japan. It would be two star class, or there was no information to get other than positional information in Japan, but I was concerned with a point called the neighborhood of the Ney Hahn beach to the last and chose you at the resort of the cottage type called Jungle Beach Resort in the depths in the watches of the night of the Phuket yacht club. Before check-out, I had the concierge of the hotel act for reservation in itself to hear a story after all. I am reliable in this for the time being.

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