"YANAKA" the Downtown District

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Yanaka Yanakaginza Entrance

Yanaka is a temple town which big and small temples and shrines more than 60 exist in, while being the center of Tokyo in Yamanote Line.

And the town also has many slopes with geographical feature that there is a pitch difference in 20 meters in the area.

Private houses of Japanese traditional tiled roof jostled in the small alley innumerably spread around, and the old good downtown area culture which is full of humaneness has still rooted in it.

Google Maps work ! Yanaka Walking Map
Mapping popular spots around Yanaka
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Yanaka Photo Gallery
Just lining up the photos....
The Cherry Blossoms in Yanaka Cemetery
The cemetery park on a hill where many celebrities
including Yoshinobu Tokugawa sleep
The beautiful slope which faces Mount Fuji
"Himitsu-do" in Yanaka
Shaved ice with natural flavored syrop

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