The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(9) Jean's House

In the next morning the brothers left Phuket by early airplane, and went to Mae Hong Son via Bangkok.
It is a city used as the vestibule leading to the outside to Long neck trive's village to aim at.

A small building like a station building only stood lonely at the end of the runway which the Mae Hong Son airport at which it arrived before or after daytime is just touch called a country airport, and was surrounded by the simple fence.
On the other hand, the remoteness gave two persons an image by which only a few approached Long neck trive' village.
Up to the hotel, since it was about [ on foot 10 minute ] distance, given the opportunity of the walk, he walked leisurely and it went.

It would say also in the ancient city wrapped calm, or there were few people of traffic, and it was a thing like the Buddhist priest who wrapped himself in the orange dress that passes occasionally.

Although there was a glimpse of the tower of the temple with which from a distance is dotted and seldom being felt in Phuket, it realized anew that Thailand was a Buddhist country with this background.

The hotel "holiday in Mae Hong Son" of this evening arrived after the moderate walk.
The accommodation charges of the room of the safe grade of being not too bad were also reasonable so so.
When it goes into the room, long distance mountains are visible to through a window.
It is not bad.

Free and what else did not necessarily appear and it was touch called the scenery of the only simple country.
Hiroyuki who came out to the balcony and was looking at the scene returned indoors, and said.
are " some called plainness or atmosphere is darkly -- this town -- "

Kiyohiko with the impression of a town quiet and peaceful in a good meaning could be surprised at the way of catching.
Hiroyuki says also in a petty town without anything -- -- it was touch.

But probably, there was also no displeasure to the extent that it is called a disappointment, even if it made it Hiroyuki, since it had regarded only as a base to Long neck trive's village.
When it finished taking a rest, soon, two persons came out of the hotel and went to the guesthouse of the example.
Yes, it is "Jean's House" investigated in Japan.
It was found, without having walked along the map about about ten minutes to reliance, and getting lost especially from holiday in Mae Hong Son.

It was a small guesthouse of whether there are the ten numbers of rooms by feeling, or there is [ which saw ] nothing.
When the door of an entrance was opened, there is small space of about 20㎡, a table setting is placed on a front and right-hand side by left-hand side, and it seemed to be the little exchange space for visitors.
It is a very homely atmosphere.

Kihohiko call out to the man about the late 40's who was in the front.

Although he has heard that there is tour which can stay at Long neck trive' village ".
"-- it does not obtain -.

The paddle ? which goes together since there is tour of one night and several persons will go exactly tomorrow"
Some tags like an identification certificate are attached to the bosom of the man who answered so, and the character "JEAN" has been grasped in it.

Although it thought that this person was Ms. Jeanne of a guide, it was silently heard until he thought that it was bad and general explanation finished, if interrupted while speaking.
The outline of tour is like this.

it is arrival to the village of the Long neck trive located shake and near the border by a set and 4WD vehicle for about 3 hours at 8:00 tomorrow morning.
Then, seemingly the children of a village will be taken out for a nearby river and it will play in the water together for several hours, after feeling relieved in a village.

When returning from a river, there will be a reception by a villager at supper and 8:00 at 6:about 00, and it is time at leisure after that, and it will be all the members putting out lights at 11:00.
Breakfast is taken at 7:00, and it comes out of a village at 8:00, and was said on the next day that the post is taken on the way home.

If it is heard about the uneasy meal,
"OK. Since it will not eat in the same thing as a villager, I am beginning to cook all.
Since the noodle of the Thailand style and a popular daily dish are made, it is reliable. "

Although, as for one more and its Long neck trive, Kiyohiko did not have a genuine article or the courage which makes truly the question ? a front [ Guide / Mr. ], and it hears, even if it made it Hiroyuki, they did not say any longer that it should dare to hear it.

It is whether Jeanne calls it the seen touch Mongolian system and features to which the China system is told or in which familiarity springs as a Japanese, and the shirt of dungaree had some atmosphere unlike an ordinary Thai also including a dress called jeans.
Kiyohiko similar to someone became that it is likely to remember and blow off.

Jean was just like a craftsman called Yao who requests plate work frequently in the construction site which he takes charge of also including the hobby of a dress.
Incidentally, although the scene spoke in English about most conversation, Japanese was also likely to be mixed partially and it was likely to be satisfactory to communication very.
"He is Mr. Yao who speaks English completely."
Whenever Kiyohiko looked at Jean's face, he took pains for a while to negate the image of "Mr. Yao" of a craftsman which emerges so that it may overlap.

Reservation of tour was finished, and when returning to the hotel, it had become close in the evening.
After resting for a while, it came out to the center of commerce, and came out of the hotel to also eat supper.
Although it is free and the center of commerce, the store was far from the gay image at the grade located in a line several affairs.
Probably, Hiroyuki did not expect so much judging from the scenery seen daytime, either.

"Does it go into the store of the neighborhood suitably?"
It was language new for Hiroyuki.
usually -- when Hiroyuki decides the store of a meal, etc., he has the tendency to ask for some things like the interest unique to that shop -- "suitable" -- conversely, even if the method of the arrangement to say told a lack in the interest to this town of Hiroyuki, it was.
The dish of 3or4 articles was pinched, having gone into the Thai food restaurant which looks a few for foreigners after all, and having a drink.
Kiyohiko felt little sense of incongruity to a salesclerk's behavior suddenly under such circumstances.
Although it was the sense of incongruity of the direction which may be called sense of incongruity, the service was strangely polite and was felt quiet.

It is no, like the disposition that it communicates with all salesclerks, rather than a service.
Some Thais who touched [ which it is moderate and acts as an adult, and it is and says also by touch ] in Phuket so that it might pull one step have drawn a line clearly regardless of man and woman.

Moreover, the comfortable face was conspicuous, even if the color of skin was comparatively white, it made it features and it called it Japanese people.
Kiyohiko thought that especially a woman was beautiful.
Usually, if a foreign beauty woman is seen, he feels uncomfortable about a gap with Japanese people for a while, or the feature like bitter taste peculiar to that country is attached to a nose, and there is feeling "the beauty cannot regard openly", but such a "comfortable" beauty thought many in this town.

although it is called Japan or a northeast beauty, it is that north has many beauties also in Thailand -- or it advanced the quiet night of Mae Hong Son, exchanging wandering talks for whether it is the result of bearing the half-breed of various races by the border being near by the brothers.

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