The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(8) A Night in Phuket

After returning to the room and taking a shower, the two kneaded the strategy of the night opening the map of Phuket.
Since it ended up taking to the live house where a disco also moves aside the previous day, they wanted to go to a much better"disco" absolutely that night.

But, it is only a restaurant and a bar that appear in the map and there was no information on a store like a disco.
"It is unavoidable.
While going to a town for the time being and he walks, does it search? "

"That is right. It is casual. "

By the example, he walked to the yacht club and it went to the center of commerce by taxi from there.
First of all, it walked along it and turned around the neighborhood given the opportunity of the walk by eating after arrival.
On the way, an open space like the aggregate of the stall colored the outdoor light of neon stood out, and it looked in at the inside of a site.
A place like the specially prepared floor which is visible to back one is crowded with people.
Hiroyuki said with acquaintance.

"Muay Thai! it is Muay Thai bar,isn't it? "

When the ring top was seen, the young men like a high school student were exchanging blows with the desperate look.

It is remarkable force when it sees from a short distance.
It is echoed to the place which a sharp sound intense whenever a mutual punch and kick hit left.
After all, two persons have also forgotten to have a meal and have been devoted to beer one hand for a while watching game games.

"So powerful if seen nearby. "

It stayed for a long time unexpectedly, and when he noticed, it was turning around 8:00.
Since the disco of the guide had not been looked for yet, either, it decided to postpone a meal.

An amusement center the appearance of a store and the store of the nice touch of the music which can be heard from inside to reliance were searched for, wandering about area.
But, it was decided that it would take to two persons and the music of good touch will have started, and it was what is called "Go Go Bar", and though what the girl of a store is dancing naked was regrettable, it was not a store which a visitor dances.
The disco was given up after terrible walk and it decided to go into one of the go-go bars which were found on the way and where nice music had started as it is.
Hiroyuki smiled bitterly seeing the character "GALAXY" of the club name which emerged to pink and yellow neon.
"-- truly -- the name of touch with a disco -- .
It is confusing. "
It was said that Hiroyuki vomited and threw away looking sideways at a sex appeal full of a female staff who carried ordered Sinha Biel.
On the other hand, for Kiyohiko, honesty and a go-go bar could be sufficient.
Although it is a brother, at two men, there is no flower not at all.
The fascinating dancers who crook the waist at hand and amuse themselves with pole dancing
It addresses gently this way and that, there being nothing from anywhere, and the beautiful Thai woman of a store approaching, and turning a hand to Kiyohiko's shoulder.
< -- not altogether -- also coming out -- there is nothing. >

After all, during small one time was carried out, and two persons truly attacked by blind munchies made the store behind, and took the late supper at the restaurant of the open air without near affectation.
the typical whiskey "Mekong" of Thailand is ordered with a bottle, and unsavory -- while grumbling with it being unsavory .
it finishes with "incomplete combustion" such being the case again the night of the last of Phuket, and halfway -- it was mellow and closed the curtain.
And the last labor was spent on negotiation of the taxi which returns to a jungle beach again.
Two persons who returned to the room prepare for "a tour around an unexplored region" from the next day, are not in when, and took the post of sleep a little early.

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