The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(7) Wanna Drink Some Rum & Coke!

In the next morning, the brother walked along the country road from afar, and went to Nai Harn Beach.
Although both persons did not take out to a mouth, it is being begun unawares to hold a thing like a sense of closeness in this way.

The way which up and down are intense and dust dances, the way against which feeling similar to nostalgia which makes some boyhood remember but is made to bear.
When it arrived at the beach, with the previous day, the place was changed and position was taken up in the place of cape slippage at back.

The figure was not visible to the stand of the example as Pon had said on that day that work was a rest.
Although the wine bought in the town was opened and drunk on the beach last night, there was no delicious.
Although clever [ itself ] is not bad, it is considered ordinarily and does not suit in climate.
When thinking calmly, wine and red wine tepid moreover cannot have suited on the beach under the blazing heat exceeding 35 degrees.

"The wine in the sea has a severe thing."

Hiroyuki wisperd.

"I would like to drink Rum & Coke."

Kiyohiko continued.

"Yeah,that's good. Can we get it with the bottle somewhere around here "

It was just a Japanese idea.
It is not easy to get spirits by a bottle moreover except drinking in a store unlike abundant Japan of a kind which about there has a store of alcohol and moreover treats.

"How about the restaurant which was near the Yacht Club?"

Kiyohiko turns the back to the sea and began to walk.

"Kiyo, if you get it bring the cube ice too!"
Hiroyuki said laughing.

He walked from the beach, and about 2 minutes, it still looked in at the restaurant under preparation, and spoke to the man in a bar counter.

"Kana ? which does not sell Lamb the whole bottle since the fellow whom the mouth opened may be sufficient"
"-- obtaining and buying the whole bottle -- ?"
After showing signs that it was puzzled for a moment, while leaning a head with the countenance that it is unavoidable,

"OK. Well,take this bottle. "

Rum's bottle in which contents remained was handed as the half.
Kiyohiko further added, passing the baht of worth around 1000 yen.

"If it's possible, could you give me some ice cube in addition?
I would like to drink rum & coke on the beach."

being related here -- I am easy -- it was felt as business, and it came out and stuffed most quantity of ice into the immediately big plastic bag.

When he expressed thanks and the store was opened, it realized that he was in Thailand anew at the strength of the sunlight poured on the body.
The red wine which is Hiroyuki and which previously will drink if it returns did not decrease in number at all, but had already turned into hot wine in heat which swelters.

"Oh, you'd found it! Ice is also enough. "

The coke supplied in the nearby stand was mixed, two persons did, and it poured the Lamb Coke of the slightly deep eye into throat. Exceptionally delicious.

Furthermore, when there was a lime, it was perfect, but it was enough the reverberations of icy coldness and Lamb's scent from which it escapes to an invigorating stimulus of the cola which collides with a throat, and a nose, and to construct and raise [ these ] two persons' upsurge of sentiment.

The sea which spreads at hand was quiet, and occasionally, except talking voice of the topless women that entered for carrying out was able to be faintly heard in a hot flash of the body, it carried out only sound of the wave.

"Kiyo, this travel, and the reverse route were better -- or .
I would like to have come to be here all the time. "
"Sure. From now on, it will take toward an unexplored region, and it keeps away rapidly and will go down such pleasures. "

When turning round, in the stage of the plan, Phuket was existence like a "addition" for two persons before the Japanese start.

It was the main purposes to visit an ethnic minority to the last, and it was the image of bringing the main dish to the last direction.
Furthermore, Hiroyuki who has not realized right away the word "resort" did not assume including the person himself/herself that Phuket was this much pleasing, either.

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