The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(13) Food tasting with Long Neck Karen

After the talk of Jean finished, for a while, some villagers and the participant party was sitting down on the small stage where dancing show was performed previously, and aimed at friendship for themselves by mixed English and the gesture of babble.
Before long, Hiroyuki said to the Japanese guys as if he had remembered something.

"I have good idea! How about having them eat Umeboshi(Pickled prum)?

And Hiroyuki ran to a lodging while thinking of the expression like the mischievous child.
After a while, he has returned having a convenience store bag with his hands.

When the bags were opened on a stage, miscellaneous foods had poppetd out from the next to the next.

"Umebishi (pickled plum)","Ajitsuke-nori (Seasoned dried laver)", some cheese, fish meat sausage, "Natto (fermented soybeans)", "Nametake (Soy sause pickled velvet shank)", "Baby star ramen (Crispy noodle snack)".

"Hey, Imazato! Why do you have so many foods? Moreover, the choice of food have surprise us.

One of the three guys said making his voice turned over.

"Just in case you can not eat as bad meal in this tour, it'm came raked from home food that looks good for a long shelf life. But. I thought dinner was delicious, and that there is no need them anymore."

Seeing only Japanese people including Kiyohiko raise and laugh at galley galley voice, villagers were vacantly.
the good youth of the physique who was playing the musical instrument previously before long was alike profoundly interesting, and has set about before the body.

"Let's have him eat first!"
Hiroyuki said.

"Which food will be good as the first? Well Umebishi is the one. Hey, young man! Try this!!"

Hiroyuki picked out a grain of Umebishi from the bottle and handed to the "youth."

"What is this? "

It has been heard while a youth smells a smell.

"Ahhhm, plum, Japanese plum! Delicious and sour!"
Hiroyuki explained.

"Sour? I like sour."

Moment he nibbled the first bite gingerly, the upper body of him leaned backward like a fresh shrimp and shouted.

"Oh, No, No, N o o o o o o o !! "

It struggled and the reaction of him who is in pain was seen, and surrounding everybody made the back bend backward and it laughed heartily this time.

The youth who raised the upper part of the body by a wry look while shaking the head horizontally opened between a little after that, and challenged the second lot also bold.
It was no reaction as if it bore even the pain some this time, and the mouth was silently moved as if there was calm the taste also in analysis.

"Huuuum, OK. OK. Delicious. "

He seemed to be used to the taste of the plum gradually and tried 2 or 3 as if nothing happened afterwards.

Since one of the long neck girl who were looking at the scene said that she also wanted to eat Umeboshi, Hiroyuki handed it her.
While collecting everybody's looks, the girl put the whole circle into the mouth decisively.

"Au, A u a u a a a !"

The girl has breathed out all the things in a mouth towards the ground from the end of a stage, uttering the voice which a reason does not understand.

The whirlpool of laughter was arisen again.
" Next what is. when it is -- ?"
Hiroyuki had become the tone which was cheerful.
"Is it regarded as a cheese line and shortly?"
Hiroyuki handed the process cheese wrapped in tin foil by the previous youth.

Murmuring some with local language, the youth who removed tin foil and looked at contents strayed, and gnawed the tip that there is nothing.

"-- too -- - " -- it said -- it felt, it came out, and while bowing one's head in assent, it said.

"I know. I know cheese! "

Surrounding children also reacted to the word "cheese" and suggested that several persons had also eaten themselves.
Although the Japanese party was slightly surprised, if it thinks well, even if cheese may make what the tour visitor of the Europeans and Americans who will be obtained in Thailand and visit by day's trip possessed eaten, it is not amusing.
Hiroyuki said wearing the face which seems to be regrettable.

"I guess he'd ever eaten fish meat sausage too. Boring....

But dried laver must be his first try. "

This time, the seasoned laver included in vinyl was taken out and it was recommended to him.

It's seasoned, and he must love it; Kiyohiko asked his reaction while expected this.

However reaction of his was "not so good". He seldom try to close his mouth with dried laver in.

When Kiyohiko asked him what's the matter.

To summarize his words, the crunchy texture of laver is uncomfortable and spooky for him. Hiroyuki tried to eat even children to try, but were likely to face a first uniformly everyone.

Although children were also made to eat to a trial, he wore wholly the face which seems to be unsavory uniformly.
Possibly as for that texture of a toasted laver with the familiarity for a Japanese, they had sense of incongruity remarkable as food.

Several persons were breathing out calmly later so that it might even be unpleasant that the dried seaweed which melted whether it would become the feeling which also ate paper remains into a mouth.

Hiroyuki ". Thing What, glue or did not like. Do not know" was muttered.

"So, that slimy feeling I wonder if it even okay. Would love to enokidake mushroom?"

Hiroyuki was placed on the palm of the youth as it is enokidake mushroom that has been removed from the bottle with disposable chopsticks.

It was a young man smelling the smell for a moment, but was placed in the mouth at once from the palm.

Or to any reaction, this time was Kyoumifukabuka everyone.

"Gu~u~u~u~tsu! Gu~u~u~u~tsu!"

"-- it へぇぇぇ and is useless -- dnd the dried seaweed.
It rubbed in わっかん." Hiroyuki murmured.

"Would じゃぁ and Nametake(Soy sause pickled velvet shank) be arranged?
that -- slippery -- admiration -- calm ?"
Nametake(Soy sause pickled velvet shank) taken out from the bottle with half-split chopsticks was put on the youth's palm as it was.
Although it was the youth who smelled the smell for a moment, it put into the mouth at a stretch from the palm.
It was interest wholly about what kind of reaction is carried out shortly.
"Goood ! グゥゥゥーッ"!!

seemingly it obtains that that is right and is pleasing.
It is the reaction best until now.
children -- my point -- although Hiroyuki divided little by little since the hand had been taken out -- everybody -- it was a good reaction uniformly.
With the time of the previous dried seaweed, it strikes and changes and their expression is becoming bright.
"It is !
slippery -- - it is calm one -- Then how is natto-- ?"
the figure which Kiyohiko also understands that it is the nature which is not satisfactory if Hiroyuki does not actually try things various, but is making "emergency provisions" try happily against head fellows -- イタズラ -- it was visible to the favorite boy itself.
Now, the next is the turn of sticky magnate and fermented soybeans.

About this, the mouth was arranged wholly and it was expected to them that it would be disrepute.
if the container made from styrene is opened, a film is removed and Japanese mustard is applied with attached soy sause -- a morning table -- it is very well and Hiroyuki began to stir with half-split chopsticks.
Strange brown thing which begins to pull white thread gradually was seen, and it was staring at the operation calmly with head fellows all the persons concerned and the countenance that seems to be wonderful.

Before long, Hiroyuki handed the youth in question chopsticks and a container, and it told "Do similarly" by gesture.
A youth began to turn in fear the chopsticks which it had with grugru with a laudable expression.
Contrast with gradual operation of stirring fermented soybeans, and the large back beyond the necessity for a youth was supremely comical, and Kiyohiko was desperate for bearing laughter.
"OK, youth.
Try! " Hiroyuki urged.

Although the fermented soybeans dipped up with 2-3 grains and chopsticks pulled long ? く糸 and the youth was bewildered by processing of the thread, the mouth was brought close to chopsticks as it was, and it put into the mouth in one gulp.
While turning a somersault like the time of Japanese all the persons concerned and a pickled plum and imagining the rolling youth, the youth raised the face and uttered voice.

Probably, it was unexpected also as a near youth who ate, if the side which was being seen was unexpected.
The voice was proudly loud.
が and everybody that was being prepared in order to laugh heartily were the touch which made the shoulder empty conversely.

" Is it nice? "

Hiroyuki murmured in a tone which were disappointed.

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