The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(10) Long Neck Karen

In the next morning, three men who are participants had also ridden with Jean's 4WD picked up as at the appointed hour in the hotel.
When greetings were exchanged lightly, it turned out that he is a Japanese wholly, and considered it as its real intention.
Japanese people were secure in the surroundings only to the tour to which imagination is not attached, and, also honestly joyfully, it had that it was able to talk to partners and long time other than Hiroyuki in Japanese as Kiyohiko.

That accompanies and escorts is only Jean who is a driver and guide, and it is the start by all the 6 persons including Imazato brothers.
Soon after having begun to run, Jean parked the car in front of the pharmacy, and said to everybody.

"It is better to buy the medicine of an anti-itch everybody and here.
Because it may not be effective if it is a foreign medicine ".

Although the effect of the kumquat may have been trusted, he bought the recommended medicine here obediently as advice of a guide.
Again, it showed up in the car and went north toward the village near the border.
Soon, the road changed to the unpaved road surface, and the car progressed, winding up dust.

Although some small villages were passed on the way, the other section does not have a scene which calls it this and is impressive, either, and was looking at outside vaguely wholly.
It is the neighborhood which passed or arrived at the village of the small mountain slope, and passed along a gate like a simple barrier for 2 hours.

Is it the refugee area from here?
According to prior Jean's explanation, the village in which Long neck trive live was the refugee area near the border, and they were also the refugee's 1 tribes.
Kiyohiko also fell and went to sleep, without free and sleepiness asking Jean not much what the gate is.
Next, when Kiyohiko woke up, the same gate as previously could be ahead seen.

The contents of English which Jean is explaining to someone who has occurred in others were heard, and this thing [ that seemingly the point is Long neck trive' village immediately ] was found.
It carried out soon, the car stopped and there were [ getting down from Jean wholly and ] directions.
It arrived at the village.

It seemed that there were many ratios which I will say also in "the dry place-between-mountains zone", or the "beige" of the ground and a surface of a mountain occupies in a field of view from "green" of trees positively to the scene come down and looked up at from the car.
"Seemingly it is not Thailand.

Does it seldom rain? "
It is an impression of Kiyohiko's beginning.
When he began to have walked along the scene at the head in the direction of the village, both the sides went into the way a little "in character with Thailand" surrounded by green trees soon.

Furthermore, when it progresses, some small huts like an above-ground dwelling are to a front left hand.
Seemingly, daily necessaries etc. are arranged in existence like convenience store of a village, if it asks Jean.
My aunt who is present in inside also so that the hut which does not have a wall in the front may be a living room theater and only whose eyes and tooth are strangely white was also taking out the good taste.

When it went tens of more meters from there, the surrounding field of view opened suddenly.
It is Long neck trive' village.
Space like the stadium of the shape of an earthenware mortar surrounded by the slightly elevated hill was dotted with an above-ground building which was seen previously.
It was the space which has not been seen.

Probably, as a village, the space composition which has a sense of togetherness this much will be new.
It seemed that they were who is doing what where and structure of being quite obvious even if it sees arrangement of a building, etc.

Dwellings are scattered all over the slope which surround the open space only by some huts like a little souvenir shop being among the central large flat-ground parts which will hit the field if it says in a stadium.
The one world seemed to be whether to have completed only in this space.
After looking around the circumference of a general way, it focused on the person and looked around the circumference again "Where is Long neck trive" and this time.
It was.

It could be seen that several children with a "long" neck are playing in the hut of the center of an open space.
Since there is no front wall, the direction was called the summerhouse or small stage may be a correct answer rather than calling it a hut.
To be sure, the head of them who rolled the metallic spiral ring was long.
It looked for a long time at least.

Jean clapped her hands to the participant party scattered as each interest would be suitable, if you noticed, and sent the signal of the set to him.

It gathered in front of a certain house nearby an open space, and the resident family of the house was introduced.
There were five people in the daughter like young husband and wife and two schoolchildren, and the family of the son like a kindergartener.
In Jean's explanation, seemingly he provides a participant party with the room which this family is usually using as sitting room, and five families are to go to sleep in kitchen.

"Wow, we stay with Long neck trive in the same house ?"
Hiroyuki said by the touch which clowned.

For Hiroyuki who thought would stay even at the not the best building built only to the tour participant at any rate, it seemed to be unexpected good news.
As for all the parties that went up stairs in succession and put the load on the sitting room of an above-ground floor, feeling was seeming to increase much more.

Time at leisure was given only for small about 1 hour, and it came out and took a walk the inside of the village together this time [ all ].
Outside the hen is pastured and inside about there also including the slope of a hill was stridden.
From children to [ an old woman ] a village, he is the merit of the head of various age groups? Although it was and the woman was, as the male had appeared in work, he hardly saw in the daytime.

In the meantime, it was again called together into the scene.
It is the original schedule of it being accompanied by children and going to a river to play.
The ten or more number of the children who have already gathered on that occasion was.
Although it is a river, it is by no means near.
Since it is called about 15 minutes by car, it cannot be easy for a child to walk and to go.

The scene entwined on tour like this time to please such children, and it was making the opportunity to play in the water.
Word were exchanged by tour participants in the midst of following in succession after the scene which walks along a head.

"-- since it is this number, it changes to a bus or something and cannot go -- ?"
"Well, or [ such a big vehicle cannot begin to be found and it by several sets ]."
"But it is only me and others that operate besides a scene."
" it obtains and someone of me and others operates by no means -- boil -- ?"

"No matter how one puts it, it's impossible! We are visitors paying money. "

While brewing and public discussion, the scene stopped the leg in front of 4WD which has ridden on the outward trip.
"Well -- It goes wholly! first of all, ride from five persons -- "
Kiyohiko regarded as ? whether things would ride else that it is from five persons.
It was right.
After a party sits down by the same arrangement as the time of coming, children and others has ridden on the next from the next.


On on their knees.

Rapidly, the car was filled up with children" up into inside without the crevice.
"serious -- or -- ? -- the reason which can ride all the members " It was said that someone shouted.
When he noticed, the outside of the window had almost disappeared.
Yes, children were tired also from the outside of a car, it was attached, and even the child who rides on a roof in the end was.

The scene which got in the driver's seat with expression as if there was what [ no ] in a side glance said the surprised party.

"Let's go"!

A car began to move slowly.
It seems to be quite heavy truly.
Even so, although it is 15 minutes, when running such a bad road in this state, several persons having fallen on the way and Kiyohiko thought that they were earnest.
It seemed that the scene was suppressing for a feeling and speed whether it is caring about such a thing.

Moreover, it was called that to which it got used even if it made it children, or reached after all that one dropout also came out and put to the river of the destination.
the traffic census which often did from a byte the number of the children who went to the river so that the child of a spider might be scattered as soon as it got off the car a long time ago -- as a result of Kiyohiko's counting correctly, and the number of those children was surprisingly 15.

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