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Osawa Onsen Hotel (Minamiizu, Shizuoka)

Osawa Onsen Hotel Yoda-no-sho main building

In the southern part of the Izu Peninsula, beside the river flowing quietly through the mountains, the large traditional mansion of Namako wall apears surrounded by bamboo forest.

This ryokan is also the legacy which Yoda clan left. The family had been full of prosperity as the village headman in the Edo era, later as silk industry in the Meiji era.

And now, the historical Japanese house has been refurbished as the excellent accommodation, Osawa Onsen Hotel, also known as "Yoda -no-sho."

That invites you to the good old Japan.
Earth floor of the entrance, green surrounding the rich courtyard, the corridor facing Namako wall and the pond whrere the fireflies dance on in the early summer.

You can feel the long history in this cultural property.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 main buildingappearance

About 3-4 hours by car from Tokyo.
This is the outlook of Osawa Onsen Hotel with my car.

In the old relic, such as the mansion of squire rather than ryokan, stately and very quaint appearance is impressive.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」&Citroen 2CV

It became pretty long way because the maximum speed of my retro car is around 120km per hour.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」sign

Very quiet environment isolated from the surrounding, Osawa Onsen "Yoda-no-sho" is in.
Such as rustic mountain village, it's full of soothing atmosphere.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 waterwheel

Respectable waterwheel has around in the vicinity of the entrance. This is a remnant of the time that was once the private power generation from hydropower. Water is the subsoil of Nakagawa flowing through the buckwheat.

Osawa Onsen Hotel Yoda-no-sho entrance

With my father who is the Onsen lover in front the entrance.

It also looks like a sake brewery.
Osawa Onsen Hotel Yoda-no-sho corridor

The emotional rich courtyard corridor is Located in the heart of the ryokan.

The Appearance makes feel nostalgia even though the first visit.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 courtyard

Water flow that came from the waterwheel near the entrance, is pourring into the pond of this garden.

Shishi-odoshi disposed at the end of the garden makes the sound of dry bamboo tapping the stone.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 Tenpo-no-ma appearance

Here is the Appearance of "Tenpo-no-ma" which is refurbished tools built in the Edo era. And this building is also the tangible registration Cultural Property.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 main buildingappearance

The courtyard just like the epitome of good old Japan.

So cozy to just only stay at.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」

Well, let's get into that "Tenpo-no-ma" while walking around the corridor surrounded by Namako wall .

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 Tenpo-no-ma 1階

Opening the sliding door of the lattice frame, The empty space with the dirt floor apears. In fact, the big old toolbox placed of the corner in it will makes you imagine that it was "tools built" where Japanese everyday tools and antiques have been stored. You can see that it was a Komin-gu and antiques have been collection "tools built."

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 Tenpo-no-ma Tansu stairs

The old Tansu stairs illuminated in dim light.

「Oh, am I in the Edo Period ?」

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 Tenpo-no-ma

Going up Tansu stairs with the creak of the wood to the second floor.

Osawa Onsen Hotel Yoda-no-sho Tenpo-no-ma

This is the second floor of "Tenpo-no-ma" which is the living room with tatami floor.

The old wooden frame window has very good taste.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 Tenpo-no-ma scenery

You can see the surrounding forests from the windows. Especially in spring season, you can hear the voice of the nightingales in the room.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 Tenpo-no-ma scenery

The view of the main building with fine Japanese tiled roof.

The difference of each color and texture tells the history.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 main building
This is inside in the main building which is the public area such as front desk and Japanese style lounge.

And there, the narration show of folklore uesd to held at night for the guests.
listening to the old folklore in such old-fashioned building fits the situation and stimulates our imagination enough.

Osawa Onsen Hotel「Yoda-no-sho」 mochi pounding
At the end.

The clerk is pounding Mochi(Rice Cake). In this photo he is only pretending it to perform how to do it, but such a Mochi-tsuki show use to held at night for real. And the clerk serves fesh rice cake to the guests.

- Summary -

This was the third time for me to visit Osawa Onsen Hotel. through it, I personally recommend "Tenpo-no-ma" that is the icon of this Ryokan.

Some of famous Japanese writers had been kneaded the concept of literary works in this room. Distinctive taste.... it has.

On the other hand, you can also stay at the other new buildings which has many kinds of rooms in modern taste if you wish.

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