That's Why I Bought Such a 2CV

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Citroen 2CV

As I introduced on the last page, since 2CV calls it the car which ended production before as long as 20 years, it is simply less than a present age vehicle in a functional field.

There is no air-conditioner, it says that the heat emitted from the engine is indoors passed through a duct in winter, and there is [ primitive ] only opening a window in summer.

If speed will exceed 100 km, so that the music which the engine sound ringing high and the body have applied to the sound which slices through a wind stops being able to hear.

The body was covered with a thinsteel plate, if that far to say collision safety body it will be in a rear-end collision from the side would not stand a chance.It was summarized about the circumstances why I purchased such a car. Please understand that they are quite individual contents...


The summer of 1997 became the cause for me to purchase 2CV, 13 years ago this and that.Since I who had taken it for granted that he would feel relieved, without resigning those days the company which was working and working for the time b eing was good at time, I was driven by feeling of liking to go on a trip by car somehow.

But in fact, I who was completely uninterested had not owned a car once on a car from the first till the time.Moreover, since it did not have even license if it resulted in my father, it was a new home called there being no car in a house also in one set.

However feeling that trying to buy a car of their own in the wake oft his increases first in magazines I startedlooking for aused carspricelikelyreachof the hand. First of all, a page is turned over intently and it was begun to look for a used car, while in particular uninterested equal sign and car to buy have not occurred to a car, either.Only a rough hope called a new car which, as for me of perverse person free [ even ] character, people seldom ride in had clarified...


A special favorite car not having been found in the present age car which stops at a safe appearance design, especially the Japanese vehicle, even if free and the performance were good, but having remained in the final candidate after all,The retro car of the roundish body all born by three sets, Type 1 (= common name Beetle) of Volkswagen, Waagen's same Kalmangear, and Citroen 2CV, in the mid-1900s has been reached.After thinking long and hard about it being various, since Kalmangear said that a price was comparatively expensive, it was given up, and was wavering for a while by Beetle and 2CV.

Because he was not conscious of them till then about 2CV while free and Beetle had caught a sight which is running repeatedly, they did not have the almost seen memory.I who was cut by the impulse of liking to see thing from a short distance once went to see 2CV directly to the used car dealer of a certain Yokohama who found it out of the slight printing number.However, it was a fixed holiday by chance bad [ fate ] on that day.2CV was looked for, looking around restlessly in the inside of the exhibition hall in which the salesclerk by whom the used car was placed is not present.


The figure of 2CV which expressed the body with a round stoop to the direction of the long distance unexpectedly from between the low cars of surrounding vehicle height soon went into eyes.The expectation ringing high was suppressed, the trot was approached and it looked at thing [ the ] steadily.

"This is it. I want this car !"

The one who made up his mind in only several seconds was in about [ unsatisfying ].He is just a fellow called love at first sight.It is becoming [ some ] strangely glad that the existence like a "curio" actually runs, and a functional fault, other vehicles, etc. have stopped going into eyes at all rather than an impending car.The store was made into behind after looking around the body from various angles for a while in the exhibition hall in which nobody is present.

and Charleston of the 1990 models which are the last production years of 2CV after considering the time of breaking down, etc. several weeks afterward and looking for the sales vehicle of the dealer of an after all nearer metropolitan area -- life -- it got as its first own car.

For 13 years since then, although there were various occurrences, I do not get bored with a wonder and this car, do not still change but am continuing riding.

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