Funny Stories about Failure of My 2CV

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I bought my 2CV in momentum without any consideration of the performance surface of it.
With my ignorance to the car, I've experienced a wide variety of failure or happening after the purchase until now. So, I'll introduce some of the numerous episodes of my 2CV.

But it should be noted that the event to introduce here is essentially what happened to my own 2CV. The most of the cases happened due to carelessness or other cause of my own, not the contents applie to the all of 2CV.

<Episode 1>

Fear! The handle got XXXXed during a run!!

Shortly after buying the 2CV, it happened when I've been wait at the traffic light at a small intersection.

Soon the light turned green, just when the car was approaching to center of the intersection center....
The engine stopped suddenly.
Making it follow a car from habit by unexpected judgment, without stepping on a brake, although the key was turned several times, the engine does not start at all.

In the meantime, the guardrail on the opposite shore has approached.What is said was the crossing where the road which he has followed, and the road which will enter from now on are shifted about several meters.

The way things stand, he thought that a guardrail was collided with, and the engine was given up and what and a wheel have locked it with the forcible sound at the moment of trying to turn a wheel to the right.
While the car which had the wheel fixed after only a few has gone out on the right stepped on the brake by the delicate degree so that it might stop at this side which has escaped from a crossing from habit as it is, and collides with a guardrail, as the end of the guardrail was grazed, the car stopped somehow.

Although it is also a time zone with little traffic and obtained as a result, it is an occurrence called being unexpected deployment called a steering lock and having fallen even just before panic within the instant at the place shaken by the engine failure which is not forgotten.

Incidentally, 2CV is the structure which requires a lock, if a wheel is turned where an engine is stopped. With imagination did not have to me who have just ridden on 2CV the exceptional situation where an engine stops while and a car are moving etc., either...

<Episode 2>

Smoke from the hood!

This is a time of going shopping in Odaiba by 2CV a long time ago.
When my 2CV came to the entrance of a large field parking lot, black smoke rose from the crevice between bonnets suddenly.

Then, even if it twisted the key, a starter did not react, but I was flustered.
"They are an OK paddle and this car ? gradually." Are worried, and I asked of the official in charge who has come together so that I might be allowed to park for the time being, and I got the friend who had ridden together to push a car from back.
If it parks and investigates, a light is not attached by signs that the electric system short-circuits, either.It was troubled.I of those days had not joined JAF, either.
Their having been free and a consolation in their misfortune are that the friend was a human being detailed into electricity.It was begun to investigate the state of wiring by the ability to do it if he is an emergency measure, gazing at the electric wiring figure drawn in the carried manual.
And only with the tool with which the car was loaded, it stops having become in any way, the place was left once, and it rode on the pewit gull by two men, and went to Akihabara for several hours.It is for buying a soldering iron and parts required for wiring repair. When he bought it briefly [ elegance ], it arranged and it returned to Odaiba, it had been past 3:00 p.m.
While the friend checked the wiring state, various methods were tried, but the clue to restorative is not visible and has become night soon.He once went home reluctantly, giving up and placing a car on that day. In the next morning, a parking lot is visited again and it is resumption of repair.Even so, it was surprised by the perseverance strength of the friend at this time.End indispensable wiring of the trial and error which reach also before or after convenience 15 hours was restored over two days after all, and it changed into the state where the engine of a car starts. then, when shopping which was the original purpose was finished and it finally went to the official in charge of a parking lot for gratitude, it was glad in "Was it repaired? it was good", and moreover, the extended charge of the parking lot was merely boiled and was carried out. While going to a house by the car whose run was attained, it started to rain, and returned to the house barely resting at frequent intervals in the state where neither the neighborhood nor a wiper while beginning to become dark gradually moves, and a light is not attached, either. "while the identity of a car called 2CV is found and it is perplexed in a lack -- Friends are what you need. -- it was the occurrence which keenly realized such a proverb.

<Episode 3>

The engine failure during high speed driving!?

This is the story of When I was accustomed to ride 2CV. New Year dawning of a given year, it is the event of the return that went snowboarding with friends aboard the 2CV. 10 o'clock at night, traveling at a speed close to 100 km the point that Just a few kilometers from the parking area of the highway, called "Curran", sound something like rolling on the road like I heard a faint or my imagination mind was. Change also does not appear in any way to the car said, and I did not bear even noticeable, but, of which, I noticed that there are suddenly. Oil lamp I had lit. Nothing, or did not realize how it began to light up a little while ago now, and to have been with before, it was not entirely clear. Even while becoming the mind a little, the car is only car, the lighting of the lamp itself is or not than a failure, we continued to run as it is. When the sound of the engine ceased suddenly after a while, the vibration transmitted to the back foot from the accelerator has been removed. There, I wonder if in such a high-speed engine stall while driving. While wondering, what times you turn the key, there is no sign of engine-consuming, we stopped the car to the shoulder of the road and not ceased. And I wonder if it's out of gas. Gasoline gauge was pointing to "0" already, but since I knew that the remaining few liters in fact even in that state, I had stepped on and sufficient to refueling in Maebashi. You have to be to explain the situation and causing a friend who was asleep reluctantly, and then press the car until the service area of the nearest came see the sign in front. Contact the breakdown service immediately When I arrived in the service area, it was told to the effect that there is a possibility of the gas shortage. Except under the car body first, road service personnel who arrived to several tens of minutes later, I checked the oil leakage. Did not seem After the oil is dripping, but in addition, the staff were dives under the car to get a flashlight. "Ah" He came out from under the car and said. "Oh man, this is not it? Gone missing drain plug of the engine oil." "I'm the guy that you remove at the time of the exchange? Oil painting or are you come off?" "I Is not sound when the sound, plug fell was telling me first, I mean Curran. ,,, Worst, you might be burned out engine huh this." "Oh my god!" <At that time, and as long to stop the car without ignoring the oil lamp. . . > At this time, I was tormented by remorse excruciating. After all, broken-down car area of ??the Maebashi Inter to get carried in company cars, service of JAF is from extending even I became so far. Time was at a loss does not seem to be around 11:00 already, even with the time for the last train, but at this time, a friend who lives in Saitama that was a phone call on spec, two people said to beg by the senior and what as a result and I came to pick in the middle of the night Te. Have contact the dealer Saitama dealer via a few days later, are indebted to, that are dealing well 2CV, the movement of the car, the replacement of the engine that has become useless if you are burned actually It is now that you have them. That amount, 500,000 yen in total. . . Price of inattention, was quite large. After all, the amount because I had over half of the vehicle price at the time of purchase. By the way, neither the dealer familiar, nor auto shop you have been using several times, at that time, of that oil change the front of this matter, I went to the last, was what was carried out in a certain chain store you use for the first time. Including such a thing, I myself, it was an event of contrition got many lessons.

<Episode 4>

Beware of the steep hill!

Rather than a failure, this is the event related to the performance of the 2CV. About a year ago, that when you travel to Hakone 2CV along with her??. It stayed and is said to be Auberge At that time, the inn of the form that it mainly a restaurant, but the problem was located in the geographical conditions of this inn. Aside from containing a little general road tortuous mountains, before you have to climb to the top of a steep hill going extending in a straight line diagonally upward, I had their inn. Its slope likely about 30 ~ 40m to the top was the steep hill of the rarely seen enough as a shadow. A result of confirming the situation from Sakanoshita side, so I decided to go into the the uphill diagonally dates back a little general road on the front that are downhill, to put the run-up. Well, although I had the thought even without up there, or more, which is a roadway prima facie, that there is no thing that does not climb in low gear even 2CV much. As the strategy, cut diagonally from the general road soon, switch to low gear in front momentum falls, and began to climb the hill. It proceeded smoothly as it is, in the neighborhood of up to 5m after flat top, 2CV has become antagonistic to the state that does not move even under even on. Posture that the center of gravity is applied to the backrest extremely, became close upward was not conducive to fear. We crossings and even anxiety Would you say even the posture of the way to the backflip, 2CV that do not do lead to Willie in a little more. It also will retry of multiplied by the engine, because of the steep slope of the remainder, when you turn off the clutch at any moment, it is likely continue to dive in the backward direction. What meaning and hand brake also no more, we continue to retain the depressed desperately hesitation brake pedal force enters the center of gravity is floating. I think after thinking calmly, with no choice but to get off in the back once.Having my girlfriend get down from the passenger seat, I began to return the hill in the back while weakening the brake gingerly. As submarine that has reached the limit water pressure though, eerie sound body like creaking you hear from here and there. I have also considered that the reverse gear is and whether I wonder if good cause the engine brake. But when it comes to great gear around When you have damage to that poor, while stepping on the brake, over a period of time more than 10 times when it was climbed, and the hill backwards somehow little off the clutch remains low gear eventually did was fully down. After you have loosened the tension with a little break, now is a re-challenge alone my driver. While I do not want to taste again the tension and fear the same as the previous example, we entered the hill to the hope. There is no momentum than earlier but, 2CV that continued to climb the hill steadily, I was able to uphill to carry myself somehow. that night, I asked the master of the inn if most cars coudn't climb such a steep hill. but the answer was this. "Oh man, There' no car that cannot climb the slope even in low gear."

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