Citroen 2CV

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A car made in USA, germany, UK, Italy and so on, there is a completely different image and features each by producing countries.

My car which is French, seems to have an image of "soft ride comfort but tends to break down" as a general comment.

Here catching lineage of such French car, I introduce retro popular car Citroen 2CV.

What is Citroen 2CV?
Tin toy or ugly duck ?
That's Why I Bought Such a 2CV
No air conditioning, No power steering ....
Funny Stories about My 2CV
The engine stopped suddenly!
The blinker lever broke with a snap!!
Good Time With 2CV
The simple structure, open air roof,
and detachable seats
2CV Photogallery
Here and there, scences with 2CV
"Sudare" for 2CV!
Japanese traditional sunshade to avoid
the heat in midsummer!

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