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On the last page, although failure and the trouble of 2CV were described, it is still now continuing riding because there are not few moments that it is realizable in "it was good to have ridden on 2CV" too.

The time of such 2CV shining with this page was summarized by individual eyes.

When driving with canvas top open

Is the canvas top which a roof can release widely mentioned first as one of the big charm of 2CV?It will be completion, if the thin top made from vinyl chloride who has covered the upper part of the rear window immediately from a front window is rolled like Kulu Kulu and a sushi roll with seaweed and it fixes by the belt on the interior-of-a-room side.

square [ on the greatly open head ] -- "-- a fresh field of view spreads over the frame ".Scenery to look up at, such as a row of cherry trees in full bloom, a maple at the time of autumnal leaves, and a cluster of high-rise buildings of night, is according to liking.It is also affective to say [ which stops 2CV under a cherry tree in spring sunlight gentle to, and looks at the petal which breaks up here and there and dies on the head from in the car ] very.

although a canvas top is in the tendency to be an option or to be used only for a high-grade vehicle type if it is the usual car -- things -- in 2CV, the model itself is usually all a canvas top.rather than -- the direction called element to which the form itself called a canvas top is indispensable at 2CV may be a correct answer.If it can be somehow said to be the comparatively extravagant car of a price in such a sense.

When picnicking with detached sests

Rather than a failure, this is the event related to the performance of the 2CV.

As a unique point of 2CV unique, that all seats whitch are detachable, including the driver's seat is raised further.

That it enjoy a BBQ or picnic by using the sheet was removed and also, or can wash the floor of the room by removing the sheet, it combines the leisure and property and maintenance. Even though it is a simple idea, rarely seen as a means of moving car, or would not be a valuable feature.

It is the story of a campground that was before, where when I was a BBQ, had been seated in everyone to remove the sheet of all just and each here, you will not need to move the car suddenly, the fly There was also to say place the cooler box instead of the driving seat at outperform, it is!, have moved the 2CV to sit on it. Of course, the ambient is good laugh.

When passing along a narrow road

Although he may seldom realize the size of 2CV right away, while full length exceeds the standard of a minivehicle about 40 cm, it is related with car width, as size called the full length 3780x full width 1480x overall height 1600 also shows -- the maximum of the standard -- it is an apt slim body.

Though it is a left-hand drive for the reason, it can pass also through the narrow way that the interval on the opposite lane side is not worrisome, and other cars pass barely comparatively, without difficulty.There is a memory saved fairly on the thin mountain path on the way to a campsite etc.

When accosted on the neighbors

When I usually wash 2CV or maintain it in front of my house , it's usual that unknown person talks to me about the car, not to mention the acquaintance of neighborhood.

One says, "Oh, This is Citroen isn't it. Good old."

Another says, "It's not far on a day to be displayed in the museum. Continue getting on carefully!"

Once I went to Kyoto in 2CV, a tourist group of women came closer to me and said that,

"Oh this car is just like a rickshaw!"

What charismatic car Citroen 2CV is and will be.。

When opening a store in flea market

I participate in flea market several times for these past several years,

Whenever I bring 2CV into the market place,it plays a role like shop sign, because 2CV attracts people's attention very well.

Some of visitors say a joke routinely,
"Is this car for sale too?"

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