Shodoshima & Naoshima the Excursion

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Shodoshima & Naoshima the Excursion

Blessed with calm sea and mild climate, large and small myriad of unique islands float Seto Inland Sea.
It boasts the Awaji Island to then second of magnitude among such, and olive cultivation with also of history more than 100 years, the famous Shodoshima traditional soy sauce building.

On the other hand, Naoshima has the museum and hotel that the worldwide architect Tadao Ando designed, and callded as "Island of Art," which dotted with original works of art throughout the island.

From Takamatsu to Shodoshima
Shodoshima International Hotel
Shodoshima the sightseeing
From Shodoshima to Naoshima
Benesse House in Naoshima
Benesse House (oval building)
Benesse House (Beach and surrounding)

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